Mailing Lists

Mailing lists

Portland lists

Nowadays there are different media platforms through which you can get updates concerning the tango events happening in town. Find below a list of sites and apps that provide the information you seek. Note that the list is not in any form comprehensive,  so if you know of other sites or platforms that are not included here please, let us know

Since 2020 Yahoo shut down all his groups including the portlandtango-a and portlandtango-d groups that helped us so much in getting information concerning the tango events happening in town.

To help mourn the loss we decided to create Google groups that hopefully will provide the same kind of service. As of now we just created a clone of the portlandtango-a.

So stay informed about what’s going on in the Portland tango world by signing up to the following google groups:

  • The Portango-a google group is the main list used by Portland hosts, instructors, and organizers for classes and events announcements in Portland.
    It is also used by various advertisers for tango relevant events and products including out-of-area tango events. The Portland Tango Community at times uses it for announcements that may not be tango related, but are relevant to the community, such as housing, personal businesses, etc.
  • Portango_d  – in search of people that would like to set it up.

For questions and help please go to Contact and send us a message.

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International lists

Nowadays you can google Argentine tango and get a large number of lists and Facebook pages that provide a plethora of information about tango. In the past we just had a couple of mailing lists managed by MIT students. For the sake of completion and love for history here is the information about these lists even if nowadays they do not really work as they used to.

Historic lists

There are two, long-running, worldwide tango mailing lists on the Internet. They have been in operation since 1995, and anyone may subscribe to them. They are Tango-A and Tango-L. Tango-A is for announcements of major Tango events (by region), and Tango-L is for discussion about any aspect of Tango.

There are over 1000 subscribers to these lists. Tango-L discussion is often educational and can give you an idea of the wide range of opinions about such things as nuevo tango, alternative music, building communities, and other issues. However, as tango tends to attract passionate people, the discussions can also degenerate into contentious and unproductive flame wars.

Please go to Tango-L for information about these lists, how to subscribe, policies, etc.