Julia Gorin
Portland Tango Weekend

Portland, OR - October 4-10, 2024

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Tango weekend

with Julia Gorin

Julia Gorin began her journey with tango in 2000. Prior to this, she had an extensive background in music, particularly piano, and had been trained in both classical and modern ballet since the age of six. In 2003, Julia established the tango community in Cyprus, where many of her former students have gone on to become international instructors of Argentine Tango.

Currently residing in Buenos Aires, Julia has performed in renowned tango shows such as Café Tortoni, Añoranzas Tango, the legendary “Sabor a Tango,” and her own production “Stories of Immigrants.” She has graced the stage at prestigious milongas and collaborated with many famous orchestras. Julia is a member of the Asociación de Maestros Bailarines y Coreógrafos de Tango Argentino (AMBCTA), the Association of Professional Teachers, Dancers, and Choreographers of Argentine Tango.

Julia has developed a unique and effective teaching method known as the JG Tango Method, which emphasizes body awareness, a special approach to musicality, and logical movement. She is also the creator of the tango-theatre show “Relatos de Inmigrantes” (“Stories of Immigrants”) and organized the online festival “Tango Exercise Marathon” in 2020-2021.




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