Sughi Tango DJ

Twelve years ago the life, love, and laughter of tango embraced me for the first time.  I never expected to find such joy in being a tango dancer, teacher, DJ, and organizer. I have been blessed with dances in many places in the world with countless extraordinary partners – many who have become close friends through the process of tango-connection.

When I realized I wanted to DJ, I immersed myself non-stop in Argentine Tango Music. Then, I read books and found mentors to study with. I asked tons of questions and took private DJ classes as often as possible. I took copious notes, I listened closely and gradually put all these lessons into practice. 

At first, I could not get enough input. I kept wanting to learn more from all the excellent DJs who crossed my path. I would look over a DJ’s shoulder, ask for a song title or why they were playing that tanda NOW? That was 10 years ago.

Then, one day a light went on.  I felt like I was beginning to DJ. The knowledge of DJ mechanics and the love of the music had reached a magical synthesis. I was navigating the music through my heart more than my head!  

The magic filled me with excitement and joy. It was a re-start, a new beginning. I could feel the knowledge, support, and love from my mentors and the dancers I was DJing for. I still am always learning and love to talk about DJing and Tango music. I feel so much gratitude for having been given a part in this Magical Tango DJ adventure.