Dominic Bridge

The bedrock of Dominic’s dance and pedagogy is his focus on musicality, improvisation, connection and mindfulness, as well as freedom of movement, expression, and style.

Dominic’s students appreciate not only his uncommon talent as a dancer, but his ability to articulate what many people find all but ineffable about tango. He is a devoted teacher who will go the extra mile to instill new techniques and perspectives in his students. He strives to open doors within all his students so that they may further discover themselves and the beauty of their own inner tango. He believes to his core that tango makes the world a better place and that he has found his calling in sharing his passion for this dance.

Dominic Bridge started dancing in 2005 at the age of eighteen in Eugene and Portland. After teaching around the world for the past fifteen years throughout over twenty countries, he continually strives to reach his full potential as an artist and teacher.

After his first trip to Buenos Aires in 2007 where he studied and danced tango 25 hours a day for 70 days straight—and many people are saying that he survived on quintuple-layered cheese pizza, medialunas, and Fernet Branca alone—Dominic began teaching in Europe when he took over a tango school in Florence, Italy in 2008. In 2010 he moved to Paris, where he found inspiration sharing the dance floor with the world’s top tango dancers living there or passing through. From Paris he became increasingly international, with artistic residencies and tango school-building in Florence, Paris, Moscow, Budapest, Portland, and Berlin. His performances and seminars have been featured in various prominent tango festivals all over North America, Europe, Russia, as well as Armenia and India.

Dominic’s ultimate goal is to be a rising tide to lift all boats, improving the dancing of whole communities so that dancers may deepen their experience of interconnectedness and unity with themselves and one another.

He is fluent and enjoys conversing in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

An unfinished list of countries toured: USA (17 states), Argentina, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, the Canary Islands, Malta, Greece, Armenia, India, and Texas.