Sunday Practica at Dance with Joy Studio (weekly)

Sunday Practica at
Dance with Joy Studios

Sundays, 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Beginner Class 2:00 - 4:00pm

This practica started in 1999 at Clay Nelson’s old dance studio in Garden Home. It moved to its old location at the Viscount on Burnside in 2004, and on Sept 2012 moved to the new location of the Viscount studios and was run by Bill Alsup and at times by Megan Pingree.

After Covid the practica restarted at Dance with Joy Studios and is now run by Rachel Lidskog-Lim

 This is a guided tango practica for dancers to cone together in supportive caring community, enjoying friendship and dance, every Sunday afternoon.

Wishing you warm embraces, connection and joy, as you practice, play, grow, in your tango journey.

There are also Argentine tango classes offered before the practica:

  • 12:00pm Argentine Tango Lesson Level 2-3 Series
  • 1:00pm Argentine Tango Lesson Level1-2 Series

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Sunday Practica

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Dance with Joy Studios

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