Dominic Bridge

Dominic Bridge

The bedrock of Dominic’s dance and pedagogy is his focus on musicality, improvisation, connection and mindfulness, as well as freedom of movement, expression, and style.

Dominic’s students appreciate not only his uncommon talent as a dancer, but his ability to articulate what many people find all but ineffable about tango. He is a devoted teacher who will go the extra mile to instill new techniques and perspectives in his students. He strives to open doors within all his students so that they may further discover themselves and the beauty of their own inner tango. He believes to his core that tango makes the world a better place and that he has found his calling in sharing his passion for this dance.

Dominic Bridge started dancing in 2005 at the age of eighteen in Eugene and Portland. After teaching around the world for the past fifteen years throughout over twenty countries, he continually strives to reach his full potential as an artist and teacher.

After his first trip to Buenos Aires in 2007 where he studied and danced tango 25 hours a day for 70 days straight—and many people are saying that he survived on quintuple-layered cheese pizza, medialunas, and Fernet Branca alone—Dominic began teaching in Europe when he took over a tango school in Florence, Italy in 2008. In 2010 he moved to Paris, where he found inspiration sharing the dance floor with the world’s top tango dancers living there or passing through. From Paris he became increasingly international, with artistic residencies and tango school-building in Florence, Paris, Moscow, Budapest, Portland, and Berlin. His performances and seminars have been featured in various prominent tango festivals all over North America, Europe, Russia, as well as Armenia and India.

Dominic’s ultimate goal is to be a rising tide to lift all boats, improving the dancing of whole communities so that dancers may deepen their experience of interconnectedness and unity with themselves and one another.

He is fluent and enjoys conversing in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

An unfinished list of countries toured: USA (17 states), Argentina, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, the Canary Islands, Malta, Greece, Armenia, India, and Texas.

Joe Ferreira

Joe Ferreira

Joe Ferreira tango teacher

20 yeas of Argentin Tango practice. Experience in Tango Salón, Tango Escenario, Tango Vals, Milonga and Tango Nuevo. Teaching for over 15 years in congresses, workshops and festivals in South America. Currently teaches at Shabu Studios in Portland.

Private Classes – Group Classes – Choreography for Tango sequences and routines for showcase or competition.

Currently in house teacher at:

Shabu Studios,
6055 ne glisan portland oregon 97213

For more information on Joe, visit his website:




Steven Payne

Steven Payne

Steven’s Argentine Tango roots stretch back to Salt Lake City, Utah where he learned, taught, and organized tango for several years. He moved to Portland in 2002 and has taught here ever since.

His unique style and passionate musicality have been nurtured by Christopher Nassopolous, Brigitta Winkler, Tomas Howlin, Susana Miller, Luciana Valle, and many others. Steven has created an innovative and entertaining teaching technique that helps students find comfortable, efficient, and elegant movement. He loves to help dancers of any level to enjoy creative connection, inspired by their partners, the music, and by the vibrant flow of the dance floor.

Steven is currently teaching private lessons and would be delighted for you to contact him at

Lee Sobo

Lee Sobo

Lee has been dancing Tango for over 18 years and his journey into this dance has been transformational.

What began as a love of the tango has become for Lee a passion that he loves to share. Tango means something different to each of us – the beauty of the music, the freedom of expression, a sense of community. The true joy is in being able to express the music with another human. They say that “You don’t find Tango, Tango finds you!” The expression has never been truer in Lee’s case.

He is a Fellow (Gold Level) of the Argentine Tango Masters Association and has been teaching for over 12 years. He is blessed with an excellent memory and a desire to master the dance. As such, he bring a deep knowledge of patterns, and technique to his students.

He has been teaching Tango, Milonga and Vals for over 12 years and has taken instructions from some of the best instructors in the world. He has taught the Tango, Milonga, Vals, and Pecho syllabuses and, along with his wife, is the only instructor, other than Ive Simard, to teach a course in the Masters series.

Robert Hauk

Robert Hauk

As a teacher Robert enjoys finding the dancer in every student.

Robert began dancing tango in 1995 and has participated in the development of Portland’s tango scene since near its beginning. In 1997 he met his most important teacher, Susana Miller, the foremost proponent of the milonguero style. Susana was one of the first to bring this form to the United States and Europe. He has studied and danced this close embrace style of tango ever since.

Robert has spent significant time in Buenos Aires studying with older milongueros. Important influences were Cacho Dante, Nestor Rey, Ricardo Vidort and, most significantly, Tete Rusconi. Other important teachers of the younger generation have been Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa, Silvina Valz, and Alicia Pons. Alicia is Robert’s second most important tango teacher. His work with Alicia helped develop a much deeper understanding of tango.

He has been teaching since 1999 and is a highly regarded teacher and DJ. His teaching focuses on solid foundations, developing clear elegant movement, and smooth effortless dancing. Classes aim to create a supportive environment where students can develop their dancing and have fun.


Tango is a good therapy for Parkinson’s and Robert has worked with a number of people developing movement therapy from tango. Also Robert has worked with people recovering from accidents, using tango for developing balance, and rebuilding movement after injuries.

Robert has worked with groups of high school students, helping build tango clubs at schools.

He has taught workshops in many communities and at tango festivals around the country and internationally. As a DJ Robert is known for his knowledge and love of classic tango music, and has DJ’d at festivals around the country in addition to hosting and DJing his own long-running Monday milonga in Portland. Currently Robert teaches sets of group classes at Tango Berretín, and a drop-in lesson on Monday evenings at the Treasury Ballroom.

For information about Robert’s classes see his web site at:

Bill Alsup

Bill Alsup

Bill started obsessively pursuing tango in 1997, and has studied with dozens of Argentine tango masters, some of them several times.

Bill’s dancing is renowned for its creative and playful musicality, due in no small part to his two decades as a professional French hornist.

He hosts the weekly Sunday Afternoon Practica at the Viscount Dance Studios, started in 2000, and most of the time teaches the introductory class before the practica.

Bill is also active as a tango DJ, having played music at events in Eugene, Bend, Ashland, Seattle, and in Mexico, and regularly DJ’s in Portland and throughout the Northwest.

Bill facilitated the local workshops of Argentine tango masters Graciela Gonzalez, Mariano “Chicho” Frúmboli, Cecilia Gonzalez (4 visits), Jean-Sèbastien Rampazzi, Brigitta Winkler, Rebecca Shulman, Brooke Burdett and Hsueh-tze Lee.

Bill created this website in 1998 and maintained it for 9 years. He now spends his time integrating his passion for tango with bicycling. He keeps a photo journal of his activities at Tango Biker. Contact Bill directly at 971-207-1508 or email

Alex Krebs

Alex has taught in 10 countries and over 80 cities for more than two decades. He has studied in Buenos Aires for over a year across 9 visits. He has played the bandoneon and directed various tango bands since 2001 releasing 7 albums and collaborating with talented musicians around the world, including Alberto Podesta. Most importantly though, teaching tango is Alex’s primary passion. He loves sharing his love of the dance and culture, watching students grow, and connecting with people.

Alex loves teaching students of all levels and gives students the basics they need to enjoy the dance quickly and successfully.

He also hosts one of Portland’s most popular milongas every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at his studio:
Tango Berretin,
6305 SE Foster Rd. Portland, OR 97206

For more information on Alex and his studio, visit his website:

Rachel Lidskog

Rachel Lidskog-LiM

Rachel Lidskog-Lim is the owner of “Dance With Joy,” which perfectly describes her warm and genuine teaching style that encourages people of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of dance.

A professional dancer, singer, and choreographer, Rachel has been teaching dance as a certified dance professional since 1989. A two-times Bronze medalist, 1992 USA Nationals and 2005 Worlds Championships, Rachel has been fortunate to travel professionally for her work to destinations across the US, and around the world, including Argentina, Canada, Cuba, France, Spain, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Eastern & Western Caribbean.

Known for her joy shared with her students while teaching, Rachel’s dance knowledge includes a broad repertoire of styles, from the competitive level to the social dance level. Teaching all the American and International Style Ballroom dances, (Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, ChaCha, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, Jive, Samba, Paso Doble, Bolero and Mambo) as well as social and street partner dance styles (Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, Hustle, Country 2-step, Night Club 2-step, Salsa, Cuban Casino Rueda, Bachata, Cumbia, Merengue, Lindy Hop Swing, Charleston, Balboa, Rotary Waltz & Cross-step Waltz), Folk dance (Scandinavian, Mexican, Argentinian) and several popular Line dances.

Rachel is a perpetual student and continues to grow her knowledge whenever she has the opportunity to learn. She offers weekly classes at several locations in Portland & Vancouver and is the owner of her own dance studio, Dance with Joy Studios LLC, an Art & Activity Wellness Center, In addition to her two studio locations, Rachel also teaches at Portland State University, Portland Community College, Lewis & Clark College, the Laurelhust Club, Paradise Dance Studio, the Sesame Club, and several K-12 schools.

She is a yogini, with a strong dance performance background including training in classical ballet, tap, jazz, modern, gymnastics, musical theatre, Polynesian, Irish, and Flamenco. Rachel’s Musical Theatre Performance credits include the leading and supporting roles of “Nellie” in South Pacific, “Dorothy” in The Wizard of Oz, “The Ghost of Christmas Past” in Scrooge, “Stupefying Jones” in Lil’ Abner and “Old Devil Moon” in “On With the Show,” as well as a principal dancer and chorus singer in Evita (Argentine Tango), Oklahoma, South Pacific, Annie Get Your Gun, and Cabaret. 

Rachel’s choreography credits include numerous student and professional showcase routines, local performance groups, local Dance with the Stars celebrity fundraiser routines, Newberg High School’s Show Choir, Newberg High School’s musical production of Guys and Dolls, a community theater production of Haddasah, Forest Grove High School’s production of Brigadoon, Vancouver School of Arts production of Guys and Dolls, and an Argentine tango celebrity actors, Jerri Ryan & Roberto Sanchez, in the television show Leverage. Rachel and five of her Portland State University tango students also performed tango in this same television episode.

Glykeria Manis

Glykeria Manis

Glykeria Manis has been studying Argentine Tango over 14 years. Given her background with two graduate psychology degrees, Glykeria went on to obtain her third graduate degree in the study of dance & movement therapy with a focus on the benefits of Argentine Tango to our health and well-being.

Her classes and workshops are enriched with this knowledge, offering a supportive learning environment and promoting the art of connection. Moreover, Glykeria strives to infuse her teaching with somatic awareness, emphasizing balance, elegance, solid technique and creativity.

Glykeria began her Argentine Tango journey in NYC and Buenos Aires and has been living and teaching Tango in PDX since 2014. She is the co-host of the weekly Thursday social “Milonga La Divina” at The Village Ballroom, 704 NE Dekum St.

Glykeria is the creator/ founder of GREEK ISLAND TANGO ~ Annual Tango intensives/retreats on the beautiful island of Milos since 2013.

“Argentine Tango is not only an art form and social dance, but also a vehicle to explore non-verbal communication that increases attunement to ourselves and to others”.

Visit Glykeria’s website for details of her current teaching schedule:

Amy PK

Amy PK

Amy (fondly known to many in the community as APK) has been dancing Tango since 1995. She is an active tango dancer and teacher in the Portland Oregon area and loves to inspire and teach students of all levels.

Amy is involved with a number of tango projects including hosting “Wednesday”, one of the most popular weekly tango dances in town. By offering both traditional and non-traditional tango music at this venue, people from all walks of life can explore this wonderful improvised dance in a comfortable and fun environment.

Amy teaches the introductory tango class at 7:30pm and dancing starts at 8:30pm. For more information on “Wednesday”, please visit

For more information on Amy, please contact her directly at: