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Polly McBride

Local author, teacher, and founding member of the Portland Tango Community, Polly McBride has written two books that are designed for all levels of tango dancers from very beginning through life-long enthusiast.

"Tango Quest" provides an overview of the dance, its music, culture, history, and social topics and describes how they all fit together.
Includes definitions, explanations, descriptions and examples of over 100 topics.

"Tango and Life" explores the connections between tango and life, and the many ways that tango affects us.

Both are written with over 20 years tango experience, humor and insight.
Readers' comments: (Names provided upon request.)
"It felt like you were talking about me."
"This is the best writing about tango I've ever read and I've read a lot."
"I read excerpts to my students and they love your writing."
"I love your humor."

Either book: $20 Set: $35
If you already have one or the other: $15.
Includes postage.

Samples of writing available at:
email: tangopolly@gmail.com

Polly McBride