Ward Stevens


As a dancer, a DJ, and a milonga organizer, Ward has studied Argentine Tango since 1998. He has specialized in the milonguero style since 2000. Ward's main inspiration has been Susana Miller with whom he has studied for most of his Argentine Tango career and during four visits to Buenos Aires.

Ward is convinced that due to the improvisational nature of the dance, the most successful and fastest route to mastery is through concentration on technique and the essence of connection to the partner, the music and the space. Ward's understanding of Argentine music springs most importantly from listening to and studying the performances of Argentine DJ's including Feliz Picherna and Mário Orlando. Ward's understanding of technique and how to teach it comes from watching Argentine Tango being taught by such successful teachers as Daniel Trenner, Graciela Gonzales and of course Susana Miller and also from watching Yoga being taught by Sarahjoy Marsh and her teaching staff.

To reach Ward, call 503-806-2502, or e-mail him at wcstevens@comcast.net.