Oscar Casas

November 3 - 5
The Delightful, Engaging and FUN Oscar Casas returns to Portland!

Oscar & Ana

Friday, November 3rd
6:30-7:45pm Workshop #1: "Tango Technique for Leaders & Followers" Elegance, cadence, posture, musicality: rhythm and melody. Vital elements for a social dance.
8:00-9:15pm Workshop #2: "Special Surprise Workshop" :) Show up and be amazed at Oscar's talent for teaching Tango! :)

Saturday, November 4th:
1:00-2:15pm Workshop #3: "Classic milonguero embrace & figures" This class explains all the more comfortable, efficient and elegant ways to develop a social dance and reveals moves that can be immediately absorbed. Enrich your dance today & take it to another level.
2:30-3:45pm Workshop #4: "100% Cadence (Cadencia)" A mystical classic milonguero movement that softens the general movements through the famous tango suspensions.
4:00-5:15pm Workshop #5:"Three Highways of Cross System and its Possibilities"

Sunday, November 5th:
2:30-3:45pm Workshop #6:"Milonga as it should be danced" This class teaches how to dance Milonga as a separate and different dance from the tango or waltz.
4:00-5:15pm Workshop #7: "Musicality! How to dance tango between the figures" The figures do not mean tango. Among them there are musical movements that separate figures for efficiency in the organization of the dance.
5:30-6:45pm Workshop #8: "Special Surprise Workshop" :) Show up and be amazed at Oscar's talent for teaching Tango! :)

1 workshop = $25 preregistered 24 hours before/ $30 at the door
3 workshops = $75 preregistered before November 1
6 workshops = $144 preregistered before November 1
Best Price ~ Full weekend (8 workshops) = $160

Register Today! DanceWithJoyStudios.com under the "workshop" tab! :)

Private lessons are avaiilable with Oscar! To schedule a private lesson please email or text:
info@dancewithjoystudios.com 503 704 5617
$115 for Oscar (1 student or 1 couple) ($100+ $15 floor fee)

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Oscar Casas Bio:
Oscar was born in Parque Patricios, a well-known tango barrio in Buenos Aires. His parents were avid tango dancers, who organized three different milongas per week in 1950’s and 60’s, which regularly drew in 400-500 dancers. Oscar absorbed the code (codigo) of the milongueros at the milongas and carried it on in his dancing and teaching. Oscar’s distinct style of dance and teaching is very milonguero, and is highly respected by the old and new guard in the milongas of BsAs. He has taught for years at the El Beso, the beloved place of milongueros in the centre of BsAs, and is known for teaching with energy and humor, emphasizing concepts, specializing in improvisation, always interpreting the music, and respecting the character of the different orchestras. He is especially interested in the dynamics and cadencia of the dance. Everything he teaches is applicable to crowded milongas. See him dance! : ) youtube

November 5, 2017