Yelizaveta Nersesova


"My journey into dance began with a certain scene from the movie "Dirty Dancing" where the main character, a shy, pretty girl, accidentally finds herself at a dance party. She is suddenly surrounded by couples moving together, gyrating to the rhythm of the music. The emotions and fantasies that the scene evoked in my teenage mind became the backdrop for my internal life.

For years I secretly fantasized about dancing but before I had the courage to think of myself as a dancer, to see myself as beautiful, to believe in the expressive power of my body, I dedicated my life to the study of movement mechanics and therapeutic practices through yoga. I came to yoga through an injury and taught it for ten years, during which time I was introduced accidentally to Argentine tango.

This dance gradually augmented the experience of my body, giving me the power of aesthetic expression I so missed in yoga. My internal fantasy life finally burst onto the surface and became visible.

Through a series of unexpected and seemingly unconnected events, I recently found myself in Buenos Aires, working on a project for an artist residency by day and spending hours studying and dancing tango by night. The six months I spent there changed the course of my life, bringing me to the full realization of the transformative, creative, even psychedelic powers of the body in harmony with itself, with another body, with the music, and with the space around it. So it is with passion and reverence for the expressive capacity of an empowered body that I approach my teaching of this dance.

For me teaching is a process of learning, finding ways to express and describe verbally the abstract, internal experience of tango. My classes are like laboratories where we come together to discover, explore and create forms in space. I hope you will come with me on this journey of internal discovery and spontaneous expression. "

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