Polly McBride

Polly McBride
Polly with her grandson Joel Smith

In 1991 Polly and tango discovered each other at a workshop in Seattle given by Sonny Newman and Patty Leverett, and in 1992 she became a founding member of the Portland Tango Community with Clay Nelson and their former partners. Prior to '91 she studied, performed, taught and choreographed baton twirling, folk, social dance, tap, jazz, and more. Since '91 tango has been her priority.

Polly's specialty is detailed teaching of basics and foundational skills. She currently teaches a "Not Just for Beginners" Class and hosts the Friday Practica at Paradise Studio. Her approach is "I teach like I wish I'd been taught." See calendar for details.

During the past 20 years she has studied with Argentine Masters including Gustavo Naveira, Carlos Gavito, Nito and Elba Garcia, Nora Dinzelbacher and many, many others. For the past several years she has attended Nora's Tango Week as author and editor of the daily newsletter, "El Chamuyo." Event details at: www.tangoweek.com

Polly has been on the Executive Team for Portland Tango Festivals since their inception and has been an avid writer of tango-related topics. Her first book, "All Things Argentine Tango" was followed by her collaborative effort with Clay Nelson on "Tango Festival Operations Manual." Info at: www.claysdancestudio.com. She then wrote "Tango with Mars and Venus." In her latest book "Tango Quest" she combined the two books, "All things..." and "...Mars & Venus" and added new material. "Tango Quest" is available by contacting her at atango2@aol.com. All books have received very positive reviews from dancers of all skill levels.

Polly's favorite partner is Joel Smith, her grandson, shown in the photograph. Her blog address is:
tangopolly.wordpress.com and includes a variety of essays and articles.

Polly's philosophy is: "Life is a tango."

Polly is available for group or private lessons: 971-207-5674 or atango2@aol.com.