Nola Gray


Nola has danced tango all around the world, teaching along the way. She says, "I dance, study and explore all facets. I study with different teachers who often give contradictory and opposing views. This is the beauty of Tango: paradox, magic, and emotion."

A lifetime of dancing, and dancing Tango since 1995, both lead and follow, in different styles, and in different places, has made Nola one of the most versatile teachers in Portland. She teaches a fundamental framework as a jumping off space to the infinite dances that are tango.

Nola teaches group classes at Dishman Community Center and Tango Berretin. Her new studio is called "La Casita Ojita Negra", which translates to "The Little Black Sheep Dance Studio.".

To be included on her mailing list, email her at or call her at 503-231-8680. Her website is at Nola Tango.