Megan Pingree


Megan Pingree is one of Portland's most experienced, responsive, and enabling tango dancers.

Megan has studied Argentine tango since 1993, having been among the initial wave of Portlanders to take an interest in the dance. She was Clay Nelson's principal teaching and dance partner for two years and performed with him in Michelle Badion's show "Tango Nights" at the Aladdin Theater in November 1999. She is often asked to partner visiting Argentine instructors, and assists local teachers (Bill Alsup and Alex Krebs, these days) and subs for them in their absence. She teaches her pre-milonga classes, and various workshops and mini-specials.

Megan hosts Corazón de Tango, a Friday night milonga held on the 2nd, 4th, & 5th Fridays of the month. Fifth Fridays are "Philanthropy Fridays", with the proceeds donated to a charity.

Megan has an instructional video for sale: "Argentine Tango for Absolute Beginners", made with Clay Nelson in Dec 2003. It covers basic vocabulary, basic patterns, syncopated steps and cross-foot patterns, totaling 21 different components. Cost: $20.

Particularly adept with multiple styles of tango, Megan has been influenced by a broad range of Argentines, including Luciana Valle, Lucia Mazer, Fabián Salas, Gustavo Naveira, Lorena Ermocida, Daniela Arcuri, Fernanda Ghi, and Susana Miller.

For more information about lessons, classes, videotapes, or Corazón de Tango, contact Megan at 503-222-4691 or For the latest in her organizing and teaching activities, check out her new blog/website at PatootieTango.