Glykeria Manis

Glykeria Manis

About Glykeria:

Glykeria teaches the pre-milonga class at Portland’s Thursday Norse Hall Milonga.
She conducts her weekly Argentine tango group classes and private lessons at:

Vitalidad Movement Arts Center and Viscount Dance Studio

Before moving to Portland she taught at PielCanela, the largest Latin Dance & Cultural Center for the Arts in New York City and was a featured guest instructor at “Central Park Tango” & “Tango on the Square.”

Also of note, she is the organizer of the popular annual Tango Retreat on the Greek island of Milos:
Greek Island Tango)

Trained and inspired by acclaimed tango instructors Oliver Kolker, Ana Padron, Diego Blanco, Maria Jose Sosa amongst many other accomplished Argentine Tango masters in Buenos Aires and New York City, Glykeria became aware of tango not only as an inspiring art form and passionate dance experience… She also came to see tango as a unique opportunity to explore non-verbal communication. In support of this vision she obtained a master’s degree in the field of Dance & Movement Therapy and conducted research demonstrating the therapeutic and health benefits of Argentine Tango dancing. Drawing from this rich background, her classes and workshops strive not only to teach her students technique, structure and the dynamics of tango, but also, build somatic awareness of their own bodies. Her goal is to awaken in her students the confidence to skillfully and safely connect with themselves, their partner, and the music.

For her most up-to-date schedule of group and private classes visit:

To learn more about the upcoming Greek Island Tango Retreat visit:

Glykeria can be reached at: or 503-662-2627