Hannah Berkowitz

As a teacher, Hannah knows that students learn best in a supportive, gentle, and encouraging environment with clear direction and lots of fun. Philosophically, she believes dance is good for people. It is good for mind, body and spirit. Dance often opens up other personal challenges in people having to do with ego. It's all good, albeit sometimes a bit painful! With dance, as basically in life, the journey should be enjoyed!


Hannah was introduced to Argentine Tango in 1986 with a wedding present ticket to the stage show TANGO ARGENTINO from her now ex-grandmother-in-law. Impressed and dance-deprived, she was finally in the right place at the right time (that being Portland in 1999) to start studying it. Being generally a dance maniac (one who loves to dance any dance as much and as often as possible) Argentine Tango soon became her favorite dance. It focuses on the most lovely parts of dancing ... connection, musicality, expression, and spontaneity. She has had the opportunity to learn from Alex Krebs, Clay Nelson, Mark Beaudry, and many other teachers, both local and visiting.

Hannah grew up dancing and started co-teaching for her dance teachers while in high school. That puts 50 years of dancing and 30 years of teaching various forms of dance (ballet, modern and creative dance, belly dance, and salsa) in her background. Being a massage therapist as well as having a formative ballet background, she is able to analyze posture and motion to pinpoint corrections and make specific suggestions.

Hannah teaches in West Linn through West Linn Parks and Recreation, 503-557-4700. She is also available for private classes by contacting her at 503-655-0689 and hannahleah@Yahoo.com.