Gillian Leichtling


Gillian is a divine tango dancer who studied ballet and contemporary dance as a youngster, and danced with the David Taylor Dance Theater in Denver, Colorado. She later studied Javanese and Balinese dance and music in Indonesia, and trained in capoeira while living in Brazil. She has taken classes in trapeze, flamenco, African dance, and other movement and dance forms.

Gillian has danced tango since 1998, and has been particularly influenced by the teaching of Luciana Valle. She has made two trips to Buenos Aires. On the second one, she served as a translator at the 1999 C.I.T.A congress for such major-league teachers as Graciela Gonzalez and Omar Vega. Gillian also translated for Graciela Gonzalez during Graciela's first series of workshops in the Northwest at Clay's Dance Studio in April 1999.

In May 2000 Gillian performed with Alex Krebs at the Portland Community College Art Beat festival. Seven months later she danced in Jenny Levison's highly acclaimed Yiddish tango show Shtil, Mayn Corazon.

Gillian may be reached at 503-284-3210 or at