Tres Leches Milonga

Friday, Mar 3

tres leches milonga - First Birthday Party!

9-12:30, Friday, March 3, 2017

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performance: Dominic Bridge
music: DJ "Che" Alejandro
theme: party!
hosts: Mikas & Ale
entrance: $10 regular/ $5 students
the Viscount / 720 SE Sandy

Join us for the 1st Birthday Party of the Tres Leches Milonga on Friday, March 3rd! It's been a glorious tango year at Tres Leches because of you! You came, you danced, you supported local and world tango artists, musicians and DJs, you laughed at our M.A.D. shows (we miss you, Dhruv!). We are one year older, but none the wiser! We feel fortunate to be part of your tango lives, so this party is for you! No Birthday presents, just your presence is requested!

Dominic Bridge

Performance by the amazingly talented Dominic Bridge, fresh from his latest stay in Buenos Aires, and Mary Fu, one of the finest tango dancers of the West Coast! We are grateful for Dominic's support of Tres Leches and are super excited to see him and Mary perform at the Tres Leches. We also salute Dominic's bold founding of the full-fledged tango school in Portland - PDX Tango ( May the tango force always be with this Jedi of PDX tango! Dj'ing by our own DJ "Che" Alejandro! He is cooking up some intoxicating irresistible impeccable (yes, three-"i"s!) tango tandas as we write to you! You shall dance!

DJ Alejandro

And, of course, we'll have the tres leches cake (with one candle), a tango fightclub show (we don't talk about it... but gloves will be used!), friends, chairs, embraces, memories, something bubbly, and yes, tango!

Make your plans now! Friday, March 3rd - 1st Birthday of Tres Leches!

About Dominic Bridge

Dominic has been working in tango full-time since 2007. He has taught and performed in international tango festivals, cultural events, and offered workshops in over a dozen countries around the world and in Buenos Aires. A passionate dancer and instructor and a pioneer of a unique style and teaching methodology, he draws inspiration from a multitude of other dance-forms, yoga, meditation, and martial arts. For him, respect, generosity, and self-awareness are the keys to reaching the deeper realms of tango.

Dominic specializes in the social dance of tango, in creative improvisation and musicality. He has trained many tango teachers in and outside the United States, and has studied with and worked alongside today’s top tango artists in the world. He enjoys working with all levels of experience, including first-time dancers.

Apart from his tours in Europe and North America, Dominic has lived and taught locally in Portland, Florence, Moscow, Paris, and Budapest. He speaks fluent English, Spanish, French, and Italian. He began building what is now PDX Tango in November 2015. It makes him feel great to give back!

For more about Dominic and his tango school:

About DJ "Che" Alejandro
Leche. Porteño. Team "D'Arienzo".

Mikas & Ale