Tres Leches Milonga

On Summer 2017 hiatus while hosts are traveling...
Resuming maybe Sept?
Stay tuned ...

tres leches milonga
Cabaret Edition with Orquesta Típica Pérola!
9-12:30, Friday, May 5, 2017

music: Orquesta Típica Pérola feat. Megan Yvonne
+ DJ "Soy Leche" Huyen
performance: Chris & Cynthia
theme: Cabaret - Glamour, Sexy, Fabulous
hosts: H.A.M. (aka Huyen, Alejandro & Mikas)
entrance: $12 regular / $6 students (live music!)
the viscount / 720 SE Sandy
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Life is a cabaret! Join us for the Cabaret edition of Tres Leches Milonga on May 5, 2017! For one night only, we'll have Orquesta Típica Pérola, featuring the ever glamorous diva of Portland tango - Megan Yvonne! Performance debut by Portland's own Chris & Cynthia - it will be showy and sparkling! And last, but not least, Dj'ing debut at the Tres Leches of the former Mystery Leches, the silent H tango assassin, DJ Huyen!

Dress code - Stylish, Sexy, Glamour - in a word - Fabulous! Liza Minnelli in Bob Fosse's Cabaret, James Bond in any Bond movie, late Roman Empire, early Weimar Republic. Feather boas and pocket squares are optional, but highly encouraged! If in doubt, wear black and come as you are. We want to dance with you!

Music will be hot. Tangos will be sexy. Tres leches cake will be eaten. Embraces will linger. H.A.M. will be there. You'll want to be there!

Orquesta Típica Pérola with Megan Yvonne

An expanded version of Pérola band that has won hearts of tango dancers in Portland and beyond! Featuring the soaring voice of the gorgeous Megan Yvonne, aka Kitty Lambkins. This Orquesta has a swooning trumpet, echoes of jazzy beats, and bossa nova sexiness, but their tangos are true, gritty and deeply satisfying. For more on Megan and Perola, check out: Megan Yvonne and Facebook.

About Chris & Cynthia
Chris and Cynthia started working together a few years ago, pushing each other both creatively and literally. Cynthia discovered Argentine tango in 2003, and was immediately enchanted with the aesthetic nature of the dance. Chris began tango in Colorado in 1998. They can be found wreaking havoc most Wednesday nights.

DJ Huyen

photo: Bassel Hamieh

Trained by Captain Flaco, the newest leche is full of secrets, dresses to kill, and loves Di Sarli.

H.A.M. (aka Huyen, Alejandro & Mikas)