Tres Leches Milonga

Friday, April 7
9:00pm - 12:30am

tres leches milonga - Spring Flowers Edition!

performance: Jose Garofalo & Elizabeth Wartluft
music: DJ Karin Norgard
theme: Spring Flowers!
hosts: Mikas & Ale & Mystery Leche
entrance: $10 regular/ $5 students
venue: the Viscount / 720 SE Sandy

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The Spring is here! The flowers are starting to bloom! Tres Leches Milonga celebrates the mystery of earth's renewal on Friday, April 7th, with the special Spring Flowers Edition! Join our party in honor of Spring and all it brings: flowers, warmth, birds singing, lovers kissing, and Portland tango dancers coming out after the long NW winter hibernation! We encourage dancers to wear flowery patterns and bright colors!

On the Spring Flowers Edition menu:

  • *Performance by the great Jose Garofalo of Buenos Aires (a true artist in non-tango life, and of Porteno y Bailarin fame in tango!) and Portland's own amazing Elizabeth Wartluf (a true Portland tango gem and one of the most experienced tango teachers in the U.S.!)!
  • *DJ'ing by Karin Norgard, a long-awaited Tres Leches dj'ing debut by one of our favorite Portland's tango dancers!
  • *Mystery Leche reveal! Who is the new Leche? Come to find out - seeing is believing!
  • *Tres Leches' cake, performance of the coolest dance ever, flowers, chat hugs, company, and, tango to start your spring on the bright note!

We're super geeked to have performance debuts by Jose and Elizabeth, dj'ing debut by DJ Karin, and hosting debut by the Mystery Leche! It will be colorful, hot, and blooming night to remember!

Take an opportunity to study with Jose Garofalo during his visit to Portland from March 30 through April 8th. More details here.

Speaking of the Mystery Leche: whoever guesses her/his identity first at either the FB event page or at the miloga's entrance (in writing), will get their entrance fee reimbursed after the 10:30 performance! Make your bets! A little clue - favors Di Sarli...

About our performers and DJ:


José Garófalo was born in 1964. Between 1979 and 1983, he studied art with Guillermo Kuitca. At the same time, he participated in plays, speeches and street actions where dance and theater were integral parts of his creations. In 1987, he started taking tango classes in Centro Cultural Rojas and in the same year he joined the Tango Ballet of the University of Buenos Aires.

He has studied with: Milongueros like Miguel Balmaceda and Nelly, Pupi Castello, Tete Rubin and Maria, Carlos Gavito, Gustavo Naveira, Rodolfo Dinzel. He has trained in choreography with Pedro Calveyra, Graciela Gonzalez, Marcela Trappe and in stage arts with Emilio Garcia Wehbi .

He is currently President of the Civil Cambalache Association (since 2007). He directs the annual Cambalache Festival in Buenos Aires (since 2004). He works as a Tango teacher at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (since 1998). He participates in Troesmas research group dedicated to transmitting knowledge of teachers who are no longer dancing in the milongas. He directs the Companía Tragicomica Tanguera (since 2011). He is an artist of Vasari Gallery (since 2007).

He lives and works in Buenos Aires. Argentina.


Elizabeth teaches tango with an emphasis on breath, energy and posture to create connection in the dance. She brings her experience studying many forms of dance, as well as her training in yoga and human anatomy, to her teaching. Her main teachers in Buenos Aires have been: Luciana Valle and Chicho Frumboli for leader technique; Omar Vega for milonga; Tete for vals, José Garófalo for milonga and leading skills; and Oscar Mandagaran for breath, posture and energy work; her dancing was also strongly influenced by the dancers of the Dinzel school. She enjoys and teaches both close and open embrace styles, as well as dancing both as a leader and a follower.

Elizabeth holds a M.A. in dance and a M.A. in cultural anthropology, both from the University of Oregon. She has taught tango since 1996, in Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Washington and California. She moved to Portland in 2008.

Check out her website and wonderful blog too, here

DJ Karin

Karin was a writer and fitness and dance instructor in Anchorage, Alaska, before relocating to Portland, Oregon, where she simply dances and sometimes writes. Her first serious dance was salsa, but she now mostly dances Argentine tango and is learning west coast swing. She has also dabbled in blues, Lindy hop, West African, jazz, and modern. She formerly taught social Latin dance for The Alaska Club and has also taught for Anchorage Community Schools, the Anchorage Folk Festival, and the University of Alaska Anchorage. She currently teaches tango for Portland Community College.

we look forward to seeing you!
Tres Leches,
M.A. & Mystery Leche

Mikas & Ale