Ellen Saunders & David Whitman

Ellen & David

Ellen and David had spent many years dancing ballroom and swing before they were introduced to tango. After they had attended classes with many of the teachers who traveled to Portland in the 1990´s, they took several trips to Buenos Aries to immerse themselves in the Milonga experience. They have been influenced by the dancing of "Pupi" Castillo, "El Pulpo" Estevez, Jorge Nel, Paulo Arujo, Hugo & Miriam, Nito & Elba, Patricio & Eva, Susana Miller, Komala Voss, Graciela Gonzales, Alicia Pons and many others.

Ellen and David focus their teaching on the simple things: A good "on balance" frame, a comfortable connection to the partner, astute floor navigation, and good musical timing. Simple steps with delicious embellishments are the cornerstones of their teaching. Ellen has been a flamenco guitar accompanist for many years, and she believes that passionate expression is an important element of tango. "At its best tango is like a divine communion... dancing the candombe is a joyous spiritual possession."


Contact Ellen at Ellen_L_Saunders@gotsky.com or 503-324-9320.