Mike Eblen

Mike Eblen

Mike stumbled across an Argentine Tango class in 2007, and he stumbled through his first few lessons. What started as a casual hobby eventually snowballed into a full-on obsession. Weekly group classes in Asheville, North Carolina were not enough.

If you asked Mike where the turning point was, he would probably tell you it fell somewhere between driving twelve hours for a weekend festival and putting his chances of graduating college on time at risk so he could fit in a trip to Portland for Valentango.

Mike has studied privately with a plethora of world renowned teachers including Alex Krebs, Tomas Howlin, Brigitta Winkler, Homer and Cristina Ladas and Robin Thomas to just name a few.

Mike Eblen

Mike Eblen is teaching private and group classes. After his recent trip to NY he's got lots of new material!

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Mike’s philosophy on tango revolves around an emphasis on pure kinesthetic communication. He works to empower both the leader and the follower to take control of their own voice within the dance.

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