Tango Shoe Exchange


Dear Portland tango community,

I started a website for trading and selling (or giving away) your new and used tango shoes. No commercial sellers, just dancer-to-dancer, a place where you can locally re-home shoes you have and that no longer suit your needs for any reason.

Tango Shoe Exchange

Basically, the operation is the same as the shoe exchange that takes place at milongas every now and then, or what Polly's doing at her new beginners' milonga - just as an ongoing presence.

Please let me know what you think (especially should you have objections! I certainly do not want to step on anyone's toes here) and/or email info on shoes you would like to find a new owner for.



P.S. I have zero experience with or interest in building websites so the site is strictly utilitarian. If anyone would like to spruce it up, contact me! Else, bear with me: I am aiming to improve its look and user-friendliness as I go along.