Mikas & Antje

Mikas & Antje

Mikas and Antje met in a tango class at a festival in Atlanta and fell in love with each other at first embrace. Both have been teaching tango, DJing and organizing tango events since 2006. They started working together in 2008.

They taught classes and seminars in Houston, New York, Atlanta, Austin and San Antonio. Mikas was the founder and creative director of the three Houston Tango Festivals in 2008-2010 and organized many other tango events in Houston. Antje was a co-organizer of the Houston Tango Festival in 2009 and 2010. She also started and taught a special tango program for Parkinson’s patients in collaboration with the Houston Area Parkinson Society from 2008 until 2010.

From August 2010 until March 2011 Mikas and Antje spent six months studying tango in Buenos Aires. They studied extensively with Pablo Inza, Moira Castellano and Gaston Torelli, Cecilia Garcia, Alberto Colombo and Mariela Sametband.

Mikas has been a guest DJ at Practica X, Milonga 10 and El Motivo at Villa Malcolm in Buenos Aires. He has also dj’ed in New York, Houston, Prague, Vilnius, Atlanta, New Orleans and Austin. Antje started DJing at her own Milongas (together with fellow Tangojunkie Tony Lucido) in Atlanta, and continued to dj at various local events in Houston in 2008-2011. Mikas and Antje love Golden Age Tango and often DJ together.

Tango Philosophy
Mikas and Antje love dynamic close embrace tango that reflects both values of old tango traditions and contemporary movement techniques and teaching methods. They believe in the importance of fundamentals and good technique to be present in the dance, to connect and communicate well with your partner, to express the music and respect other dancers on the milonga floor. Finally, as teachers, they believe that every dancer has his own path and that the tango embrace can change your life.

website: mandatango.com

photo credits: (c) soobin sunwoo; www.soobinsunwoo.com