Ted Roe

Ted Roe

Dancing is a necessary component of life for Ted. Separating Ted from tango would be like creating an instrument, which plays no music. Over the past several years Ted has become a skilled professional tango dancer and essential member of the Portland tango community. From his nightly appearances at milongas, portrayal of Rudy Valentine in Silent Tango Films, and frequent attendance at numerous festivals throughout North America, Ted has made the tango community his own. Since being engaged in extensive training for over a year in Buenos Aires, he has taught, performed and DJ’d in the United States, Canada, Europe, and in Buenos Aires alike.

Ted’s goals in teaching include assisting his students to dance with confident movement, creating avenues for clear communication between dance partners and fostering expressive musicality. He utilizes his extensive background in music (both vocal performance and as a musician) to help his students find their tango voice and articulate their particular dialect of the dance.

Passion for the dance, clear communication, and comprehensive understanding of both music and movements are what make Ted an effective tango instructor. He has a great love for the dance and is devoted to sharing his passion with others. In Tango, his strongest influences include: Daniel Tuero, Ozgur Demir, Tomas Howlin, Horacio Godoy, Mariana Dragone, and Carrie Whipple.

Ted is currently available for group workshops, private lessons and performances. Additionally, he teaches regular group classes every Monday at the Viscount Dance Studio for beginner, intermediate and special workshops for advanced dancers. Contact him directly at troe@tedroe.com, 503-490-3115 or check out his website at www.tedroe.com.

In addition to his tango expertise, Ted is a nationally recognized intellectual property attorney, specializing in trademark and copyright law as well as entertainment and business law. Among other clients, his firm, the Roe Law Firm, represents Tango Silent Films. His clients come from every state in the US as well as many foreign countries. He lectures regularly on these subjects to both trade groups and other attorneys alike. He has published several well-respected articles regarding intellectual property law and provides free consultations in an effort to insure clients IP rights are enforced.

You can contact Ted Roe and the Roe Law Firm at 877-636-6275 or troe@tmroe.com.