Carrie Whipple


In February, 2002 Carrie began looking for more connection. For the previous 20 years she had explored all kinds of different dance forms, including ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, modern, character, African, and tribal bellydance, as well as the partnered ballroom, latin, and swing dances. But, where was the true connection?

At the suggestion of one of her dance students, Carrie went to her first milonga to just check out Argentine tango. All of the followers must have been out of town that evening, because, despite missing the drop-in lesson before the dance, she danced all night, had a great time and was hooked. She has since led an arguably charmed tango life, assisting and performing for several years with Alex Krebs in Portland and around the world, and more recently teaching and performing with Nuevo Tango legend Homer Ladas.

As an instructor, Carrie focuses on creating a comfortable and positive learning environment so students can discover the joys of Argentine tango.

Carrie's web page is at Carrie Chelsea. Her email address is