Calendar Instructions

Purpose / Intent:

This page is the result of a community effort to coordinate workshop scheduling in a way that reduces conflicts, allows a reasonable income to visiting instructors, and maximizes opportunity to Portland dancers to study with important tango maestros.

With such a large and diverse community, there will unavoidably be conflicts, but our hope is to minimize pain by maximizing communication.

These pages attempt to capture the intent and consensus of the organizers from the December 13, 2008 meeting. PLEASE send me any feedback you may have for improving this effort .


This feature is composed of four Google calendars.

"Portland Tango - Milongas" - for milongas and practicas
"Portland Tango - Classes" - with local instructors
"Portland Tango - Workshops" - with visiting instructors, with firm dates
"Portland Tango - Organizers Look-ahead" - with visiting instructors with tentative dates

Calendar Editing:

The calendars are open to public viewing, but editing privelages are limited to bona-fide organizers of Portland events. Basically anyone who asks can edit events, but you have to ask.

#1:You must have a Google calendar account (go to
#2:Send your email address to or to contact. Your email ID will then be added to the list for edit privileges.

To load the tango calendar that you want to edit into your Google calendar edit page,
#3:Open your Google calendar, click on "other calendars," "add," "add by URL," then enter (cut and paste) the ID from the list below for the calendar you want to edit.




Look-ahead (tentative workshops):

Apologies for the convolution, but Google has decided to disable the public calendar search function, so this is what we're left with. Please send me feedback on whether it works OK for you or if you have problems.

Editing tips:

Be sure to put your name as organizer into the details box so people know who to contact if they have questions about your events or need to resolve conflicts.

To edit a calendar, you must be logged onto your Google Calendar account. You cannot edit the calendars from within the website. You can get to your Google Calendar account in several ways: 1)from your gmail account click on "Calendar" on the top left menu bar; 2) Go directly to:

Important: When you are editing your event, note the line marked "Calendar" (just above the Description box), and be sure to select the Portland Tango calendar where you want the event to go. If you don't do this, the event will be put on your personal calendar by default rather than the Tango calendar.

When hosts and organizers begin negotiation with out-of-town instructors, they should first check the Look-Ahead calendar for possible conflicts with dates being discussed. You should contact organizers of any potentially conflicting events to discuss constraints and options.

As soon as you have tentative dates for a workshop, you should post the dates onto the Look-Ahead calendar, no matter how tentative the dates may be. If there are more than one possible date, put them all on the calendar. This will give visibility to other organizers to avoid conflicts and/or open a dialogue to adjust schedules.

When dates are firm for your workshop, move the calendar listing off of the "Look-Ahead" calendar and onto the "Workshops" calendar. This requires two steps. Open your event details, and click on "More Actions" at the top, select "Copy to Portland Tango - Workshops" and remember to click Save. Then go back to the Look-Ahead calendar, open the event again, and delete it from the Look-Ahead calendar. This will keep the color-coding accurate - green for confirmed dates, pink for tentative dates.

These instructions are not fully tested. Please let me know if they work or not.

Workshop Scheduling Guidelines:

The first goal is that multiple workshops are not scheduled at the same time. The ideal would be at least two weeks between workshops. Everyone understands this is not always possible.

In order to maintain a cohesive atmosphere in our community, please communicate any conflicts, potential or real. Discussion and communication go a long way to maintaining good relationships, even when conflicts can't be avoided.

Do contact me with any questions or problems.

Jay Rabe