Dominic Bridge

Dominic & Jenna
photo by Ari Denison

Over the past four years Dominic Bridge became one of the top young tango professionals in the world. In this time, he has taught and performed up and down the west and east coasts of the United States, Chicago Tango Week ’09, Italy, and Buenos Aires where he has spent months engaged in extensive training. Dominic spent last year building a tango school and teaching full time in Florence, Italy at l'Associazione Pablo Scuola di Tango Argentino. He also performed in Danza In Fiera 2009, Italy's most important multi-dance festival. When his weekends were free, he took trips around Europe, spending a significant amount of time dancing in Paris, Rennes, Berlin, Bäsel, Siracusa, and Catania. Dominic views tango in the same way he views any language: there are clear rules of structure, grammar, all of which can be broken when understood. These elements form a foundation necessary in communicating in one’s own way. His effectiveness as a teacher grows from his deep understanding of movement and his ability to clearly communicate. He is also trilingual in English, Italian, and Spanish and now working on French.

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