Dominic Bridge

Dominic & Jenna
photo by Ari Denison

For nearly a decade, Dominic Bridge has been performing, teaching and encouraging the development of Tango in over a dozen countries. At 27 years of age, he remains perhaps the youngest North American tango artist working at an international level.

In 2008, after intensive dance-study while living in Buenos Aires and rigorous training from North American tango phenomenon, Jaimes Friedgen, his career expanded to Europe. Apart from his tours around Europe and North America, Dominic has had artistic residencies in Florence, Moscow, Paris, and Budapest.

At the beginning of his career in tango, his first dance partners were Paola Mottillo of Buenos Aires, Rebecca Rorick Smith of Eugene, and Jenna Rohrbacher of Portland, Oregon, with whom he performed in several milongas in Buenos Aires, Italy, and around the United States.

From February 2012 to present day, Dominic has partnered with the world-renowned Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh, from Toulouse, France. Together they toured in festivals in France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia.

In 2013, while residing in Paris, Dominic performed in the live spectacle 52ème Gala de l’Union des Artistes, mis en scène par Isabelle Nanty, with French film star Audrey Fleurot (Intouchables, 2011), televised on France 2 with around 3.8 million viewers of the Gala.

In August 2014, an exciting new partnership emerges with the beautiful Cecilia Piccinni from Buenos Aires. They will be on tour together in the United States in the winter of 2015, starting at the San Diego Tango Festival and ending with Valentango.

An artist of great accomplishment for his young age and a pioneer of a unique style and teaching methodology, Dominic draws inspiration and knowledge from a multitude of other dance-forms, yoga, bodywork, and martial arts. According to his philosophy, Dominic teaches that respect, generosity, self-awareness, and consciousness are the keys to reaching the deeper realms of tango and the dance of life.